Puppy of the Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey everybody! Sorry It's been so long!

Hey everybody, sorry its been so long since I blogged. I've been working on an ice wizard and I just got him to level 50 tonight and he is just starting Celestia. I've been working on him for a week. He's also got an epic Ice Hound pet.

Also just to let everyone know, any youtube members who are or aren't subscribed to the Chillanthropologist, just want to let you know he is giving away 5 summer dragons. I have taken the first one and he will post more codes soon. If you decide to redeem a code he gives you, you need to message him back and send him a screenshot of you redeeming it. Also, as long as you give him proof that you have redeemed it, you will be put in a random drawing for a Death Scarab at the end of the week. You use the Print Scrn key to take a screenshot.
                     Thanks for listening!
                       ~Good Luck ITS!!!~
                            Matthew LifeWraith


  1. Oooh, I want an ice hound. :) I already have a Summer Dragon. Congrats on getting to lvl 50. Currently working on my pyro, trying to finish up DS. Almost there! Level 47 here I come lol :)

  2. Lol good luck, I hate DS, all those weaknesses. But now I'm done so :D I'm stuck in the Grotto right now. HELP ME!!! XD